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Mobdro is considered one of the best live TV streaming app available for Android devices, and the best part is its free to use. We have not just considered users views about the Mobdro App but also research ourselves by installing plenty of other available apps that had live TV streaming. We examined plenty of applications because we are very keen to provide our readers with the best live TV streaming app with one of the most accessible User interface. It has plenty of channels to see and different categories like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, etc. to make it easy for users to find the channels they like. Also, Mobdro Live TV App had very active developers with frequent updates and change according to the times. It is not only available for Android devices but also on PC or Laptop with an android emulator like Blue Stacks, and can be used on Firestick, Kodi, and on a smart TV too. It also had plenty of channels from the USA and UK and had almost all channels in Sports, Movies, News, TV Shows and much more. Read this guide to know more about Mobdro and how to download Mobdro APK for Android devices.

If you are still not convinced that Mobdro App is one of the best live TV Streaming application, then all I can say is install it and know for yourself or continue reading my guide on Mobdro App to know more about its features.

Mobdro Live TV App

Mobdro App is a live TV streaming app for Android 4.2+ devices that provides access to view plenty of TV channels to stream live on your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Users can select favorite channels and view whenever they want; they can share, and even download for offline streaming.

One thing I like to say before you try to download on to your Android device is, it is not available in the Play Store due to some reasons. There are plenty of other fake Mobdro Apps on Play Store which would harm your device. However, you can download the apk file by navigating to here Mobdro APK FileWe provide you with the official and the latest version for your device.

Before going to talk about the in-depth details of the App or downloading the Mobdro APK, I want to talk about the major and most used features. The requirement for the Mobdro App is very simple, Android device that can run most apps smoothly with Android V4.2+ and a good internet connection that can play live stream without loading.

Major Features of Mobdro Live TV APP

Mobdro App Specifications:

App NameMobdro
Version 2.1.12
Compatibility Android 4.2+
App Size 33 MB
Date of the Version September 2018
License Free
Our Review

Home Screen:

There are three major parts on the Home Screen of Mobdro Live TV App, and they are Recently Watched, Live Section, and Categories.

The recently watched section provides you with the channels you have watched at last before closing the it on your Android device. If you are a person who watches only few selected channels, then this features allows you to go to the channel you like easily.

Live section is a simple one that shows the channels you see most or channels that are related to the country you are present. Suppose you are a US resident and have gone to the UK for a trip then the channels you see in the Live section could be of UK.

Categories section is the most useful and loved feature; developers had divided the channels based on the content they provide like Channels, Sports, Movies, Shows, News, Gaming, Music, Tech, Animals, Spiritual, Podcasts, and others.

Here is the list of popular channels in each category

Channel: This the general A to Z list of the Channels available on the Mobdro Live TV App with hundreds of channels going down as you scroll them through the app. Many top rating channels like BBC, National Geographic, AMC USA, ABC, CBS and more are available for the users.

Sports: Sports is the most popular category for the users as most of the popular channels like ESPN, WWE, BT Sports and plenty more are available to stream.

NEWS: Watching NEWS is a daily activity for plenty of adults that are in business, stocks or just to catch up with the things going around them. They had top most channels like BBC, NBC, CNBC, FOX 43, Sky News and plenty more.

Shows: They provide with the Show titles, and you can select the one you need and start watching it.

Movies: Some show a specific genre of movies like Action 24/7, Horror 24/7, Animation 24/7 and so on.

Music: Music channels have been the place to go to know about latest songs for plenty of people and Mobdro had got a good list VH1, MTV Dance, 4 Music, Box Hits and plenty more.

These are the most popular categories people like to watch on Mobdro, and there are also other categories like gaming, Spiritual, Tech, Podcasts, and Animals too if they are the one you are looking.

Downloading in Mobdro:

Mobdro is one of the simplest live TV streaming app available which can be understood even by aged people due to its simple UI. So, coming to the point you can download the offline version of any channel. It is done by recording and saving the channel while it is online on to your device. Users can set a particular time frame to record starting from 30 secs to as long as 4 hours. Also, you need to make sure your device has enough storage space too. Not just Android devices it can also be installed on PC & Laptops Mobdro on PC.

These are the steps you need to follow to download on Mobdro:

Step 1: Find the channel you need to record by using the search option in the top right corner of the App.

Step 2: Click on the Three Dots button on the right side of the channel logo.

Step 3: Now you will have four options to choose Share, Download, Favorite and Play. Click on Download.

Step 4: Now you will be provided with different time frames starting from 30 seconds to 4 hours. Select one of the following and click on “start recording”.

Step 5: Now to view the downloaded version go to the home screen and click on the Toggle button on the top left corner of the screen and select download. There you can find the downloaded one and recording ones.

See I said it is a simple to use the app and the above steps are all you need to follow from downloading to watching the downloaded parts. If you are convinced now, then install Mobdro Apk for your Android Device now.

Favorites option on Mobdro:

Favorites is a quite useful feature as finding the channel you need every time in the catalog of hundreds of channels is time-consuming. With this feature, you can bookmark your favorite channel and start watching whenever you need in the favorite section available on the side tab. If you are not aware of how to use this option, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Search for your favorite channel.

Step 2: Click the “Three Dots” on the right end of the channel name.

Step 3: Select the Favourite option for the available options.

Step 4: Go to the home screen and click on the “Toggle” button on the top left corner and click on the Favourites. This is where you can find all your selected channels.

Sharing on Mobdro:

People love to watch their favorite TV shows or sports with their friends and family. Then why to miss this while watching on your mobile? Sharing a channel is similar to selecting your favorite option. Follow the steps provided above for selecting Favourites except in step 3 instead of selecting Favourites select sharing option. That’s it now you can share your favorite channel or show with your friends and family.

About Settings in Mobdro Live TV APP

There are a few options that may be useful for you to use the application on your device.

Selecting your preferred language, there are 10+ languages to choose from, and once you choose a language the channels you see would be based on the language you had selected.

Alphabetical sorting, it may not be so useful but may come in handy.

Children don’t know which is good or bad for them, so if your kids are using the app, then you can see the parental filter to control the content your kinds views.

Users can also clear the history of the channels they had watched or can opt for never remember the history.

These are the major options you need to worry about the settings section of Mobdro Android App.

Mobdro Apk difference between free and premium version

Mobdro even though at present had only one variation, which is free to use with ads called as Freemium Version. However, they are also planning a paid version of the app called Premium App which comes with more advanced features like chromecast support and of course no advertisements. Since the Premium app is yet to release for now we need to stick with the only official Mobdro Apk.

Updated Features on v2.1.12

Are you a previous user of Mobdro or interested in knowing the changes in the latest version of 2.1.12? This updated version doesn’t have many changes from the previous version 2.1.9. Even then we recommend getting the app up to date. Version 2.1.12 fixed bugs on Android TVs, crashes causing on Amazon Devices, and some streamings showing as offline. The other fixes are just minor bugs and improvements. So what are you waiting for to install the latest Mobdro Apk version on your device?

Past Mobdro TV APK’s

There are many occasions where apps fail to work properly once they get updated, this may cause due to multiple factors. Outdated OS or device are the most common reasons, if you are facing the same problem then you have a solution here. Previous versions can be downloaded from APKMirror they have most of the previous versions related to Mobdro APK.

Download Official Mobdro Apk for Android Version 2.1.12

Haven’t you found the APK file yet? Then click on above button to Download the latest Version 2.1.12. Finding solutions for many problems on the internet is sometimes tricky, now you have a solution for one problem that is watching Live TV on your mobile by downloading and installing the app.

Installing Mobdro Apk on Android Smartphone

If this is the first time you are installing an app or Apk without using Google PlayStore than you may need to change some options on your device first. This is because any other app or Apk other than PlayStore is considered as Unknown Source by Android devices. So you need to enable an option in the settings to install apps from Unknown Sources to install. Follow these steps to enable this option.

Step 1: First open the “settings” on your android device and go to “Security” option.

Step 2: Now find Unknown sources option and toggle or enable it.

Now you are able to install the Mobdro Apk from the Apk file you have downloaded.

Download Install Mobdro on Android

To install the Mobdro Apk find the Apk file in the file manager and tap on the file to start the installation process of the application on your Android device. Once the installation is completed you are ready to watch any channel on the Mobdro Apk.

Updating Mobdro TV App

Mobdro has a most active team of developers who are continuously coming up with changes to the application. There have been updates to the app every month or a two and most of the times changes to the app are huge. If you are one of those who hadn’t updated the application for a while, then you need to update it now. Here is the procedure to download Mobdro Apk and update the present version on your device.

Mobdro Settings and Options

Click Here Latest Mobdro Apk to download the Apk file or open the application on your device got to Menu->About->Update once you click on the Update button, the app will search for the latest version and redirect you to the page where you can get the latest version.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for using Mobdro App?

It is completely free to use with no paid versions.

Is it legal to use the application?

Using the application is legal except the content you watch maybe not. The application just acting as a bridge between users and publishers and they don’t oversee all the content shown on their platform.

Where is Premium Version?

Mobdro used to have a Premium version of the app but since last year they had removed the Premium version and made it free completely.

How to find past versions of the app?

If you are looking for previous versions of Mobdro Apk then you can find them at this link  Previous APKs.

Disclaimer: This website is purely for informative purposes and we are not associated with any of the Mobdro developers or its partners. No pirated content or any apk has been hosted or shared on this website. We are strictly against promoting any pirated content. Using Mobdro may lead you to trouble, so we advise against it.

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